Computer Repair in Eudora to Topeka and Surrounding Cities

 No set fee's or diagnostic charges, once we complete the job pay us whatever you feel our time was worth.  If we can't fix it no charge of any kind. 

Click the button below to schedule a work order request.  It will bring you to our work order page, once we receive your work order we will respond to you as soon as we can.

What We Do

High-Quality Repairs


We will run a complete diagnostic of what could be causing your issue. We do not charge any type of diagnostic fee, but once we find out what part maybe your issue we will search various websites for you to purchase the part. We get parts donated to us all the time so if we have the part in house that part is yours for free. We build custom PC's, fix any type of laptop (including MAC's), every type of desktop computer, setup up networks, give free advice, ect. Basically, the only thing we don't work on is phone repairs, but that will be coming soon. 

Professional Customer Support


We will do everything we can to resolve your issue. We do not charge up front cost’s, once the job is complete than payment by check, cash or PayPal is required. There is no set charges and you name the price. Payment is all about what you feel our time was worth! We also give everyone a 30-day grace period, so if something happens to your device we will fix it at no charge. We also help setup everything the same way you had it before, just let us know and we will help you the best that we can.

Who We Are

We are just two local father's with a lot of knowledge in technology.  We have been working on computers since the internet came to all house holds.  We are both self taught and going to college.  Josh is going for Computer Information Systems and Daniel is going for Business Management. We both are very eager to help the community save money.  We have been fixing computers for almost 20 years and want to do our part in helping our community.  We are able to fix any type of technology issue you are having, but please understand that we are not a licensed dealer but are in the process of becoming an LLC in Kansas.  We will fix your issue or there is no charge of any kind.  Payment is not due until the job is completed.  The best part is you get to name your price; you pay us what ever you feel is right and we are not trying to break your bank.   We offer computer repair in Eudora, computer repair in Lawrence, computer repair in Topeka and  computer repair in surrounding areas in Kansas.  .

We are a first come first serve business type, we both work full times jobs and do this on the side.  Please be patient with us but most of the time we are very quick with repairs.

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