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    Something happened Jan 12, 2017 that gave Josh and Daniel an idea to help their communities and the surrounding areas. Computer repairs these days are outrageously priced, almost everything to do with technology is growing and the knowledge is as well. There are many people who don’t have the knowledge needed to repair their IT issues, so they pay a lot of money for professionals to handle it. Most of the fees attached to computer repair are outrageous and unnecessary. Josh and Daniel’s mission is to provide IT services to their communities at costs that everyone can afford.  A lot of businesses have started from a great idea and a garage. Daniel and Josh’s focus is to start from there own garages and stay working in them so that prices can remain affordable. 

    So long story short (kinda) Josh broke his laptop in January 2017. Ironically, it was his son’s toy car that made him slip by the stairs and the laptop went tumbling down onto a concrete floor. He had insurance on all of his electronics and had to get an estimate to fix the laptop. He went to three different locations to get a quote, $48 fee at one place, $43 at another, and one place it was $25 for diagnostic and $80 for the letter to send to insurance. Why do you have to pay money just to see what is wrong with the laptop? You would think that they would not charge any fee’s so they would get your business.

    Josh went with the business that was the cheapest, as anyone would.  Josh was in line and a lady in front of him was being charged $43 to run the diagnostic, which came back fine. Her complaint was that her internet was not connecting. They were getting ready to charge her for a new ethernet adapter, $75 for the part and $50 for labor, plus tax. Not only was that ridiculous, she would also have to wait two weeks for the part to get her computer back. Josh was listening to the conversation and the worker ignored what she was saying and was going to just charge her for it. Josh called Daniel to find a network card priced on Ebay and to send Josh the link. Daniel, who is part founder of Midwest Computers Plus, is an expert at finding deals for almost everything he can on Ebay, Amazon, and many other websites. Daniel found the part within two minutes and sent the link to Josh. Josh couldn’t help himself and stopped the lady. He told her not to pay that much and showed her that they are only $27 online for a brand new one and she was also getting ready to pay $50 for five minute’s worth of labor. She thanked me for letting her know, she took her computer, and left. 

    When Josh left the store the lady he just helped was still outside. She came up to him and asked him how he knew so much about computers. Josh informed her that he has been building computers for 20 years and that his friend was ready to find the part. She then asked Josh to follow her home and help her with her issue. She didn’t think she needed to buy a part to fix her issue, as her computer was brand new.  Her house was just down the road, so Josh followed her, met her husband, and explained what just happened. As he was checking her connections he noticed that her ethernet cable was plugged into the right spot on her router, but the other end was plugged into a phone jack instead of the modem. (They still can’t figure out how she was able to jam it into the wall like that.) He got another ethernet cord and plugged the router into the modem, found an ethernet cable he had in his car and plugged that from the router into her computer, and her internet was up and running as well as her wireless setup. He also secured her wireless network and was done within 20 minutes. The lady thanked him over and over and her and her husband couldn’t believe how much money they were about to spend on something that wouldn’t have fixed their issue, and how many people in their generation must be going through the same thing when dealing with new technology. Josh declined the money that they offered and they thanked him over and over as he left.

    On his way home he called Daniel and they talked back and forth about what had happened. It was then that they came up with this idea to help people with electronic needs. They wondered how companies can do this to people who have no clue about computers and people keep on paying them for their services, when most of the time it’s just a simpler fix for those that do not know computers that well. It also takes someone to actually listen to someone who was trying to explain what happened. A week later Josh found $20 in the computer bag he had taken with him to the lady’s house with a note that said, “Josh, I know you won’t take my money for your services, so this is for your time. Thank you.”

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